1. Costumes. I love them. I own more than 20. I like to make them, wear them and dress others. Besides various medieval and Victorian outfits I have a set of male and female Klingon outfits, a Borg costume, and several superhero outfits.
  2. My husband Ron is a magician/artist when it comes to numbers and bits. He orchestrates, conducts and designs programs rather than builds them. He creates numerical elegance.
  3. I think I am really more of an anthropologist than sociologist, at heart.
  4. I have lived in Europe, North Africa and Central America at various points in my life.
  5. I loved Everquest. I played daily for 4 years and went cold turkey with the arrival of children and a tenure-track job. I still miss it.
  6. I am continuously surprised that my two children can distill my greatest loves, fears and hopes in two loud, dirty, squirming, fighting entities.
  7. I have known I wanted to be a professor since I was 18. I met my undergraduate mentor and felt lightning strike. In that moment I knew I wanted to be just like her.
  8. I love learning languages and in my life I have studied Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, and Greek—to various degrees of competence. A one point I was quite fluent in Arabic and Spanish, a very long time ago.
  9. While in graduate school I worked for Wargames West, a mailorder gaming company. I was hired because I played Magic the Gathering so expertly. I sold Magic cards over the phone to pleading teenage boys for several years.
  10. I like intense food. I like very dark chocolate, strong dark coffee, dry red wine and the spiciest foods from New Mexico, Thailand and India.
  11. I am a voracious reader of science fiction and fantasy. I have never met anyone in person who has read the sheer quantity of this genre that I have read.
  12. If technology ever progresses far enough, I would be a first adopter of a brain implant that served as a wet interface with external computing power. I can’t wait to jack in.
  13. At one point in my life I made myself a suit of medieval armor and fought in large-scale battle reenactments. Even years later I remember the thrill.
  14. I am a reluctant atheist.
  15. Many years ago I took a class on the dance/art/music of Flamenco. Flamenco represents the most raw, passionate, intense form of music-dance expression I have ever experienced.
  16. I have slept in a fully underground hotel in southern Tunisia. This was the location of the filming of the Tatooine scenes from Star Wars. Tataouine (French spelling) or Tataween (Arabic spelling) in Tunisia. Tataouine was a French penal colony until 1938.
  17. I love board games and tabletop role-playing games. I began playing Dungeons and Dragons with my younger brother in the late 1970s and played through grad school. I will play again perhaps with my own children some day.
  18. I conducted part of my dissertation research with a militia group at several compounds in rural New Mexico.
  19. I love to sing. At some point in my life I want to sing with a band in a public venue or with a piano, in a smoky bar, draped in sequins.
  20. After my freshman year of college my roommate invited me to come home with her for the summer, to Greece, and sail between the islands with her family.
  21. I played the cello for about 15 years. I still own an old, beautiful cello.
  22. I played several African drums while in Graduate School (doumbek, darbuka, djembe, dehru hack jaldar). I still own them. They are waiting.
  23. Many years ago my apartment burned to the ground. I lost everything.
  24. I have ridden on a camel, slept in a low, nomadic tent, and ate buried goat in the Sahara, many years ago.
  25. While an undergrad I drove a small tour bus in Niagara Falls during the summers and gave tours in several languages.