Past Miscellaneous Courses

EDL 200 – A Global Perspective on Schooling

This exploratory course will introduce students to the role of schools in society through a comprehensive review of culture and traditions. Emphasis will be placed on social issues and trends that impact schooling and the implications and future direction of education. This course takes a historical and comparative perspective on schooling as a social institution. It examines major issues in schooling including the role of schools in cultural transmission, socialization, and social selection. We will examine schooling systems in the industrialized world, the developing world and within North America including different cultural, ethnic, racial and class groups.

LIR 414 – Labor And Industrial Relations Theory

During this course, students will investigate theories drawn from a variety of disciplines (sociology, political science, economics, public administration, business administration, etc.) to explain organizational processes with a focus on understanding organizational change. This course will also consider the implications of organization theory for our understanding of social processes generally. We constantly work in and with organizations. Be it as part of a work organization, political organization, or educational organization, we constantly confront the dynamics and pathologies of human organizing.

LIR 512 – Research Methods, Labor And Industrial Relations

This class is designed to give handson experience in a variety of research methods. Each student is expected to participate in exercises involving different research methods and build on work done in previous sessions. In order to develop good research habits, each student will maintain a detailed log of all activities performed to complete assignments. All assignments are due at the beginning of the class sessions specified. Each week will count as 1/15th of the total grade for the course, including preparation, participation, logging, and completion of assignments.

STS 100 – Science and Technology Studies, Ascent of Humanity

This course takes a look at a number of human intellectual and material developments that demonstrate our attempts to understand nature and shape our environment. On one hand we are interested in the sorts of connections we as discoverers have made in the world; on the other, we have also shaped the world to our own ends, and the more major consequences of that are crucial to our understanding of where we go from here.